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Wednesday, January 04, 2023

# 103 - The Adventure Continues

 Fellow Art Lovers:

My last posting, number 102, told the story of the supportive reception I got when I read my poem "Love Thy Neighbor" to visitors to my art studio during Philadelphia Open Studio Tours a few months ago. Now, I want to tell you that I have an exhibit on the same theme in just a few days, at 5 pm on First Friday, Jan. 6, at the Old City Jewish Art Center, at 119 North 3rd St., in Philadelphia.  The show runs until Jan. 30, and it will include other poems and paintings of mine, as well as works by other visual artists. And, on First Friday, a Sabbath meal will be offered to visitors. 

I've been asked to explain my motivation for the show and to give an explanation on how some of my paintings fit into my general theme. So, here we go. 

When you look around, you can get pretty depressed by the division and - yes - the violence in our world today. And this is going on when we all know, most people want the same things: The basic needs in our lives, love, companionship, shelter, nourishment, a decent job, and the opportunity to learn and pursue our interests and may even grow as an individual. 

So I thought back to the the book of Leviticus in the Torah and the instruction given by the Lord to Moses: Tell the children of Israel to "Love they neighbor as thyself." So, simple, but we sure aren't there yet. 

What could. be such a pleasure and harmless? Kids running around with each other in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia while their parents and an old couple watch them? The peacefulness and the pleasure of the children touched me. 

 The same thing: Harmless pleasure, people dancing, and a boy trying to catch his read balloon. Yes, I did pay a little be with the environment, but there's a reason: You'll notice that the people come from different ethnic groups. That's important, because most of us, no matter our culture or our color, want the same things in life. We should have the same rights and opportunities. But, yes, I did play with the scene. You have different Philly neighborhoods jammed together, and I played the colors a little bit. Yes, the street is orange. So what? 

This is Joy. What Joy! A little girl jumping with joy in a courtyard on Delancey Street in Society Hill in Philadelphia. Her freedom and the pleasure she certainly feels are wonderful. I wanted to capture this emotion. Yes, her parents are watching her. Why not? Wouldn't it be great if all kids could enjoy the same pleasure! 

The same thing! This is Old City Park at Market and 2nd Streets in Philadelphia, and a woman is walking her dog, her dependable companion. The love the two of them feel for each other is so basic and so common in so many families. I want to admit something: I really liked the way the woman was gracefully turning toward her dog. And I liked the shadows of the trees on the lawn. 

More to come later. 





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