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Thursday, January 05, 2023

#104 - The Adventure Continues, continued.


Fellow Art Lovers: 

I promised, and I'm back, talking more about my desires with some of my paintings:

I called this painting "Struttin' Proud," and  I'm sure you can see why. So, here's a small family, up near K and A - That's for Kensington and Allegheny up in Northeast Philly, and you can believe that the family members aren't on easy. But the youngest member, wearing her bright orange hoodie, doesn't let anything bother her. She knows who she is and that she'll get it all right in the future. That's why I made a big effort to paint her posture so that it reflects her confidence, and I used my palette knife to show the family's surroundings. fNo matter what, this little bundle of self-confidence surely has plans for the future. 

It happened on a side street near Spring Garden and 9th, in Philadelphia, a man who looked homeless asked me for money so he could take the bus to get home in New Jersey. I gave him more than enough money, and then I asked him if I could take some photos of him to do a painting of him. He agreed, and I worked for several days in my studio nearby to give him a sense of dignity and and also his need. I wanted the painting to have a down-to-earth tough look, so I simplified the elements in the scene. When I was on the street, I asked the policemen if I could take their photo, and they refused. I didn't tell them that I had already taken it when I arrived. The title of the work is "What Now?" 

The title of this painting is "Winning Ticket," and you can see why. The man standing in front of the kiosk at 8th and Washington Streets in Philadelphia is ready to turn in his winning lottery ticket. I haven't heard if he won any cash, but it was a sweet scene, and I enjoyed painting it right there. It's the kind of painting that is so appealing that it just about paints itself. Yes, the two young women were contrasting elements in the frame of the painting, but what I really tried hard to capture were the shadows on the sidewalk. I just found the contrast of the light and dark both a challenge and rewarding. I hope I won.  

The name of this painting is "Watch Me Jump," and there's no doubt how I chose that title. Yes, the image of a mother and daughter enjoying each other and themselves is automatically appealing. I'm kind of a painter who works hard who works hard to capture people's gestures, and the little girl's gesture took real concentration on my part. Also, something else that was in the scene - the bright colors of the mother and daughter's attire and the sawhorse a little behind them keeps the viewer's eyes within the frame of the scene. And I have to admit, the little girl is the main draw of the painting. 

I'm taking a break, but I'll keep working this afternoon. 




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