William Kosman - Artiste Peintre

Monday, July 13, 2009

#24: Please Stop Me!

Fellow Art Lovers:
It's really something when you need to paint to feel good. Guilty. The other day, while making preparations for my departure, I was feeling a little blue. What did I need to do? You guessed it. I needed to paint.
So, I decided to begin one more of the paintings for my Brooklyn series. This is a work in progress. I think it needs some more work, and no title comes to mind.
But I want to tell you that painting it was a pleasure. I felt very free, and I think I'm starting to capture the subject's expression. He is, as you might guess, a fish monger, and he's one of those merchants who is a pillar of his community, and he seems like a very nice person.
And that might explain why I painted with pleasure and a good measure of confidence. He sent out good vibes, which I picked up. So, even thought a good bit of time has passed, I still felt involved in the painting.
Anyway, thanks for putting up with my obsession, but isn't that he way painters are supposed to be.
Thanks for listening.
William Kosman