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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

# 43 When Taste and Style Meet

                               "How Does This Look?" in the home of Andrew and Nancy Scott

                                                          "The Wrong Crowd"

                                                               "915 North III"

                                                                   "Quince Street"

Every artist has his or her own style or styles. Every art lover has a special set of tastes. So I feel it’s close to a miracle when an artist’s style precisely matches an art lover’s tastes. That’s the moment when an art lover walks into an artist’s studio or an art gallery, examines several paintings, and all of a sudden says, ”I love that.” And it’s even more fulfilling for me when a painting is acquired and the purchaser takes great care to display the painting in a caring and artistic way.

That’s the case with Andrew and Nancy Scott. They visited my studio during Philadelphia Open Studio Tours earlier this month. They were taken by one of my paintings, entitled “How Does This Look?,” which you see in the photo above of the painting in their home. They truly appreciate art in its numerous expressions – painting, sculpture, antique rugs, music, dance, etc., and they have a large collection.

What’s wonderful is that they use their own artistic sense in placing each object, so that in a way, every work of art plays a role in a larger work, the ensemble in each room. In this way, they are getting the greatest pleasure from their collection.

And for me as an artist, I can see that my work is truly appreciated. The ideas, the style, the form, the composition, the brushstroke, all of the things that make up a painting are truly appreciated. Frankly, I’m happy that my painting touched someone, and I am able to share my ideas  and the pleasure I feel in painting.

This blog entry has a few other treats for you. “The Wrong Crowd” is part of a project I’m working on. “Quince Street” shows one of a woman’s best friends. And “915 North III” is still another version of the view from my studio. (Remember: Clicking on the image enlarges it.)

Thanks for listening to me.