William Kosman - Artiste Peintre

Saturday, November 07, 2015

# 61 - A New Start With A New Studio

Fellow Art Lovers:

Keep a surgeon away from the operating room, a chef out of the kitchen, a scientist far from the research lab, or a trumpet player from the band – they all are going to be very unhappy.

Likewise, when painters, sculptors, photographers and other artists, can’t use their studios, they feel blocked from their life work, a good part of their identity, their self-expression and their earning power.  

That was the case for the artists of 915 Spring Garden St., in Philadelphia, which was closed following a fire in the building. The closure sent many scrambling to retrieve their tools, their works and other possessions, and then find new space.

And it’s my experience that, if artists can’t practice their art, they risk losing their touch, becoming clumsy and slipping out of their groove.

Well, I’d like to announce to you that I’m now installed in new space, a studio in an ensemble called the Loom near Alleghany and Frankford in North Philadelphia.  I’m now painting again, humbly I have to admit, and I hope to get my touch back and get back into my groove.

Please wish me luck. I have a full plate of ideas, projects and obligations. 

As always, thanks for your time.