William Kosman - Artiste Peintre

Saturday, October 01, 2016

# 71 - The Evolution of Style

                                         The Frankford Collection

Fellow Art Lovers:

I can’t remember which great mind expressed this saying, but it’s important to me at this point in my painting:

    True change is accomplished through evolution, not revolution.

Well, I want to show you “The Frankford Collection,” my first painting since returning to Philadelphia, because I believe the work shows an important step in the evolution of my style. (Please remember that every time you click on the image, you increase its size.) 

While working on this painting, I felt a new sense of freedom and purpose, something that freed my mixing of colors and my hand in applying them from my palette to the canvas. I’m not kidding; there were fast and furious moments, and other times when I placed strokes surely and evenly.  

I felt this coming while working on my landscapes in Normandy. But that’s a different world, a world where I feel new and fresh in the fields and roadsides of the countryside, with big expanses in front of me, the earth and the grass and the soil beneath my feet, and the freshness of the breeze against my face.

Then, something happened, and I’ve been able to keep transferring that to my new neck of the woods here in Philadelphia, because I’m starting a new series of large format paintings of similar scenes that touch me – new works that show more people in K and A, which I’ve learned stands for Kensington and Allegheny.

Right now, I can almost hear someone saying, ”Boy, this guy really takes himself seriously.” Well, I do take my painting very seriously. Frankly, I have to believe that I’m doing something worthwhile. But I realize I have to keep a realistic perspective. I’m just a painter who wants to transmit his ideals and positive feelings to other people, and I bet I’m not alone in that.

By the way, I just want to remind all of you fellow art lovers that Philadelphia Open Studio Tours is approaching. To visit my studio, the event takes place Oct. 22 and 23, from noon to 6 pm. I’ll give instructions again, but my studio is right near the intersection of Frankford and Allegheny Avenues, at 3250 Amber St., 19134, in what’s called the Loom Annex, and the number is 1 F, of course in Philadelphia. My cell is 215-280-9580. I’d love to show you my new work and hear your ideas.

As usual, thanks for listening.