William Kosman - Artiste Peintre

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

# 87 - Self-Discovery and Good News

Fellow Art Lovers:

Okay, I’ve shared one bit of good news with you – my new website. But there’s a lot more. I want to tell you about a few things that I’ve done, and one other event that’s coming up in the fall, and explain to you why all of these events are important to me. 

On April sixth, I had an event at the Alliance Francaise de Philadelphie that was an absolute pleasure. First of all, I had an exhibition of my paintings, both landscapes of Normandy and urban scenes of Philadelphia, and the proceeds of the sales benefited the Alliance. At the same time, I gave a short talk comparing what it’s been like for me to be both an American painter in Normandy and an American painter in Philadelphia. 

Basically, both venues offer great advantages, like people who respect art and give a lot of moral support to painters. But for me, the greatest difference is that Normandy just stands out for its pure, natural beauty, which I know you’ve heard me lecture a lot about already, while the areas in North Philadelphia I’ve been painting in (which you’ve seen in my K and A series) stand out because I’ve witnessed and painted brave people from the four corners of the globe trying to make new lives for themselves and their families. 

Nancy Gabel, President of the Board, of the Alliance Francaise de Philadelphia, and yours truly.  

I had a very warm feeling while sharing my little experiences in both places, because the reception from the maybe about thirty or so people there was, itself, very warm. 

Then, on June first, Rabbi Zalman Wircberg, known as Rabbi Zash, the co-director of the Old City Jewish Art Center, in Old City, Philadelphia, and I opened an important event. It was the first exhibit of artists from the Philadelphia Sketch Club exhibiting their works at the Old City Jewish Art Center. 

                    Some of the several hundred visitors at the cart center on First Friday

The event was a true success. The number of art lovers visiting the center on that First Friday, must have exceeded several hundred. The conversation was lively and truly enjoyable, and several of the artists presented their works to visitors to the gallery and answered their questions. I said a few words about the Philadelphia Sketch Club. But the words of Rabbi Zash truly stand out. He said that, if people of widely diverse backgrounds can agree about their love for the arts, then hopefully they can also agree on other things, like respecting and helping each other. 

Well, I’ve been thinking about that message more and more. And more and more, I’m going to use more and more of my art to bring people together and help worthwhile causes. 

As a matter of fact, on October the seventh, I will have the opening of an exhibit entitled “Hope for the Homeless” at the Manayunk Roxborough Art Center, at 419 Green Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19128. The reception will run from noon to 3 pm. I will be showing 23 paintings, and all of my proceeds will go to the Bethesda Project, an important Philadelphia organization that helps the homeless. You can learn more about the exhibit on the art center’s website (www.mrartcenter.org). After this exhibit, the show will continue at the Roxborough Development Center, starting on Nov. 2, at 6111 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia.   

Thanks for listening.