William Kosman - Artiste Peintre

Monday, February 18, 2019

# 91 - Good Street Vibes Really Helped "Best Friends"

The painting you’re looking at, entitled “Best Friends,” took a while to bring to life. While the first phases of the painting were – frankly – a wonderful experience, the completion was a little bit drawn out because I was distracted some other issues, one of which I’ll tell you about in just a few minutes. 

I began the painting at the south-east corner of Allegheny Avenue and Tulip Street, in between Interstate 95 and the Allegheny El station. I was facing east, and I could view the church steeples, the telephone poles, the traffic, the people on the sidewalk and a hidden sun breaking through the cloud layer. It was a beautiful scene, and as soon as I laid out the main elements, the act of painting was a true pleasure. (Please remember to click on the image to expand it.) 

But the surprise for me during my four sessions on the street was the interest and the respect of the people who stopped by to glance at my work and chat briefly with me. Without exception, they were friendly, interested in my work, supportive and helpful. When I asked several people to retrace their steps so I could sketch them into the painting and get their proportions right, or snap a few photos for later reference, not one person hesitated. And when I wanted to chat a few minutes longer, they were welcoming and responsive. One gentleman whose home is nearby just happened to have studied art and shared some helpful opinions with me.  

So, what does all of this this mean? Interacting with the people, experiencing their positive spirit – it all transferred positive emotion to me and helped my painting. Of course, this is no new revelation. But I’m just signaling it to you, and it was important to me at that moment. Picking up the right vibes must sink into my painter’s soul and send the right messages to my subconscious and pump out the right hormones, and voilathere you have “Best Friends.”     

The one element that was brimming with an especially positive aura and a visible love of life was the young woman in the foreground on the left. Honestly, she flowed off my brush, and I believe she adds a lot to the painting. 

Now some news: After spending about three years in Northeast Philly, I am returning to 915 Spring Garden. For those of you who have followed my painting for some time, and may have visited me at 915 Arts, you will notice that this was the location of my studio up until just a little over three years ago. And if you visit me at my new studio, which I hope, you’ll notice that the location has benefitted from an extensive renovation.  

Thus, the distraction was and still is for a while the preparation for my move. I should be fully installed toward the end of March. 

My studio at the Loom Annex on Amber Street in North East Philly was humble and provided a place for reflection and serious painting. Very important, the surrounding area was and is an inspiration, because I literally loved painting the people on the streets nearby. I want to thank the Loom organization for their help in assisting my move. 

And I want to thank the people of Arts & Crafts Holdings, owners of 915 Spring Garden, because of their welcome, their efficiency, and the improvements on a historically important site. Now, I will be returning to my old – but much improved - home. 

Thanks for listening.