William Kosman - Artiste Peintre

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

# 100 - Another Step Toward Freedom

Fellow Art Lovers:

I know, I know. I sure have written a lot about how I want my work to be more and more free. Well, now this time I've played with the colors to find more freedom. 

As you can see, these are relatively large paintings. I worked on them side by side at the same time, so they both carry some similarities in the the colors - mainly some orangey reds. But now that I look at them, I believe I was freer with the Rittenhouse scene, while I stuck more with some elements' natural colors in the Red Balloon. 

                                                     Red Balloon III (24" by 24")

And, now that I look at the two paintings, I see that the characters are consistent with my more common style for personages in these kinds of scenes - rough, a bit simplified and sometimes a bit odd. Why's that, when I'm fighting for freedom? Maybe that's just me, and maybe I should accept that style, since it comes so naturally to me. 

I worked on these two pieces on a kind of on-and-off basis, because of the COVID pandemic and some personal issues. And I draw the conclusion that this is really me because despite those constraints, I really got into the act of painting. COVID and all, with a brush in hand, everything else just drifted away, and every brushstroke just took over. 

                                                     Rittenhouse Square Scene (24" by 24")

One afternoon, my 12-year-old grandson visited my studio to see my new works. He told me I should add gray to the pavement to delineate the squares. I did, and I see that he was right; the gray also carries through the gray of one of the trees. 

If you have any ideas you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them. Just shoot me an email at billkosman@gmail.com. If you want to look at my website, it's williamkosman.com. And shoot me a note if you want to visit my studio. 

Thanks for listening.